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Past Exhibition

1.10 - 2.14 (2024)

Claire Lee: "Jasmine" ​

MosaicARTs Onsite Gallery in Fairfax, VA, and Virtual Gallery

Mosaic ARTs Gallery featured "Jasmine - The Series" by Claire Lee, a highly skilled artist who graduated from Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul. These stories can be interpreted differently based on the viewer’s perspective. They revolve around a young girl named Jasmine who has created an unexplored world. Claire hopes that these stories will spark her audience’s imagination and leave them wanting to know more.

Claire’s artistic style is straightforward and easily understood. She favors simple objects over complex machinery and uses plain language instead of confusing jargon. For Claire, art is a medium of communication. She thinks that communication in today’s world is often complicated and prone to misunderstandings. Therefore, her primary goal is to create artwork that viewers can appreciate and comprehend without any extra explanation.

"Jasmine" series

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